Why Titanium?

When I designed my first T-Bird RIng I choose titanium for a few simple reasons. The first is that it is extremely light weight. I have never liked wearing rings because of the weight. However, a titanium ring is so light that you will barely be able to tell that you are wearing it. Our comfort fit also provides a smooth rounded edge on the inside of the ring that makes our rings incredibly comfortable to wear. The second reason that I choose titanium was that it is an extremely strong metal. Titanium rings do not bend over time like traditional gold rings. This incredible strength makes titanium the perfect choice for a ring that you want to last a lifetime, and eventually to become a family airloom. For these 2 reasons titanium has also revolutionized the aerospace industry. Titanium is also one of the purest metals in the world. While typical 14k gold is around 68% pure gold, our titanium is more than 98% pure. For this reason titanium is also used for surgical instruments. Titanium, more than any other metal truly symbolizes the ingeniuety of man and the entrepreneurial spirit, which happens to be a perfect symbol for what T-Bird pride means.