Are you associated with Thunderbird School of Global Management?
  • We are pleased to announce that we are officially licensed through Thunderbird School of Global Management! We are now mentioned on the official Thunderbird school website, and you can also find promotional flyers in both the Thundershop and Thunderbird mail room! We are excited about our partnership with Thunderbird School of Global Management.
    • Lifetime Size Guarantee

      Every ring that we sell at T-Bird Rings comes with a free Lifetime Size Guarantee. This guarantee allows the original purchaser to exchange the ring for another of the same style and different size. There is a limit of one time per year and there is a charge of $50.00 plus shipping each for each ring that you exchange. 


        If you do not know your current ring size don't worry. We offer a variety of ways to make sure that you get the right fit the first time!

        Download our ring size pdf chart. The pdf file includes detailed instructions on how to accurately size your finger using three different methods. Simply click on the ring size pdf link and print the file. Then choose which method you prefer. Please note that you much uncheck all "fit to size" options when printing.

        You can also visit your local jeweler and get your finger sized by a professional. This should be a free service and it assures an accurate ring size.

        Also remember that we include a free Lifetime Size Guarantee with each ring that we sell! This entitles the original purchaser to exchange their ring for a new ring of the same style in a different size, a maximum of one time per year. There is a processing fee of $50.00 plus shipping, and the original ring must be returned to T-Bird Rings before we will process the exchange.

        Currently, we offer our rings in increments of half sizes. If you feel that you are in between 2 sizes we recommend that you go down a size. While titanium rings can be made up to 1/2 size larger by cutting away material on the inside of the ring, titanium cannot be made smaller. The metal is too strong and cannot be stretched like softer metals such as gold.

        Why is my size a "special order," and why does it take 4-6 weeks to receive it?

        Special order sizes simply means that your size is currently out of stock. We are happy to accept your order. However, please allow 4-6 weeks for final delivery of your ring. This is the maximum amount of time for us to manufacture new rings and have them in stock and ready to ship. Chances are that we have already placed an order for the ring in question, which means it could be available in less than 4-6 weeks. Also remember that if your size is not listed don't worry! We can also special order your size, buy please allow 4-6 weeks for final delivery of your ring. 


        At T-Bird Rings, we are committed to keeping our shipping costs down for our customers. We offer a flat rate shipping cost of $5.00 per ring to anywhere in the continental U.S. We also ship Internationally, however, shipping costs will be evaluated on a per order basis and cost will vary by country and region.

        I am allergic to gold, will I be allergic to titanium?

        Titanium is extremely pure and hypoallergenic. While 14k gold is about 58% pure, Platinum is about 90% pure, Titanium is 99%+ pure. For this reason, people that are allergic to gold should have no reaction to Titanium. 

        How durable is titanium?
        Titanium is incredibly durable. It will not bend over time like softer metals such as gold. However, titanium will scratch and show wear over time. However, these scratches are typically very superficial and can be taken to a jeweler to polish, and most if not all scratches can be removed.
        It is also a myth that titanium cannot be cut off in an emergency. While titanium is extremely strong, it can be cut with standard ring cutters used by emergency personnel. However, just as with any ring caution should be exercised when working with equipment, playing sports, or any other potentially hazardous activity while wearing jewelry. 


        Unfortunately, we do not currently offer engraving services. However, you can engrave in titanium and this can easily be done at your local jewelers. 

        Does my ring say "Titanium" on the inside?
        The inside of your ring will not have anything printed on the inside when you receive it.


        What is Pay Pal and is it secure? 

        Paypal has become a trusted method for people all around the world to buy and sell online. The purchaser gives their account information  to Paypal, who then transfers the payment to the account of the seller. The idea being that the seller never receives access to any of the purchasers specific account information, such as credit card numbers or bank account numbers. Paypal is also a great service because the buyer does not need to have a Paypal account in order to make purchases. Simply click on the Pay now button when you are ready to finish your transaction and you will be taken to the secure Paypal site. You can then use a debit or credit card to make your payment without exposing your data. You can also check out the Paypal site for more information about how it works and how they keep your information safe.

        What is Google checkout?
        Google checkout is another popular payment method used by millions of online retailers. The idea is similar to Paypal in that the data is accepted by Google and the funds are transferred to the seller, which keeps your data secure. However, unlike Paypal the purchases does need to have a Google checkout account set up in order to pay using this method. Please follow the link for more information, or to set up your account with Google. 
        • Is My Information Secure?
            • At T-Bird Rings we are as concerned about your information security as you are, which is why is built and run our website using Shopify.com. In their own words Shopify "has an industry standard 128 Bit SSL encrypted checkout to protect private data. Shopify ensures that your customers' information and your order data is hidden from prying eyes both during and after transactions." Notice on the bottom of each page that our site uses Shopify, and feel free to browse their website to learn more about the security they offer, as well as other e-commerce sites that you have heard of that use the same system. We also use Paypal for our customer checkout process. This service protects your data, because the specific account info is not transferred to T-Bird Rings at any time. When you checkout you will enter your payment information through the Paypal service. After the payment has been transferred, Paypal transfers the money to T-Bird Rings, never sharing any of your information along the way. We also offer Google checkout as another secure way for our customers to pay online.